17 January 2013

It's been almost a year since I last posted a blog, and just as embarrassingly long since I've gone through my blog list to read what all of you lovely people are up to. I'm sorry! Life just handed me a runaway train that I have been trying to hang on to for a year and a half now, it's incredible. Incredibly good and I'm incredibly lucky but it's incredibly busy and I'm incredibly tired.

Now we're back to late January and it's a slow retail time that we are learning to look forward to. Projects are getting done, internet is getting utilized again and stock is getting replenished.

Anyone on Instagram? It's the perfect thing for someone so attention deficit as myself. I use it for some of my thrifting finds and collections. Okay it's mostly photos of my dogs. And vanity plates. But feel free to add me if you have the app: stacey_borden
and the store has one too, it's era_atomica

But I miss the blog-conversing, the finds, the questions the learning something new everyday from all of you. I'm actually scared to try and read a years worth of some of your blogs, it would be sensory overload! Ok maybe I will, I could use a good uninterrupted dose of eye-candy.

Hopefully some of you have Instagram and I can see you there!

27 February 2012

Thrift Score Monday!

Here I am, in before the wire on a Monday again. I found these 2 books at a local Salvation Army for $1 each. Oh the eye candy! Reading these tonight may keep me up later than I should be. :)