27 February 2012

Thrift Score Monday!

Here I am, in before the wire on a Monday again. I found these 2 books at a local Salvation Army for $1 each. Oh the eye candy! Reading these tonight may keep me up later than I should be. :)

13 February 2012

Thrift Score Monday!

I'll bet you all thought I was dead didn't you? Crushed to death under a pile of Mid-Century wares in my little store? Well, only figuratively. This store has kept me on 24/7 work detail since we opened... as well as 24/7 stressing. For all the hard work and anxiety however, the rewards *do* come! Repeat customers, customers who have become friends, articles published about us, and even learning something new EVERY DAY either from a customer, or from Taryn or from research. I wouldn't trade having my name attached to this for anything in the world right now.

Thrifting comes far & few between these days. Good scores are set aside for the store, even my own collections are thinning out in favor of putting them in the store. But! I have gotten a few 'keepers' in the past few months, and I took some photos tonight to share.

My laptop has died so in order to do this I am working with my iPhone & a bunch of apps. I don't like this, I prefer my laptop to make sure everything looks nice but if I wait for that to be fixed it will be another 6 months until I get back to post I'm afraid. :( To my embarrassment, every few days I get an email about this blog and a comment and every comment is one of those spambots telling me that no one reads my blog. *sniff sniff* it's terrible!

I'm not sure where these photos are going to land so I'll tell you about these finds here: The tea / coffee set is
by w s George, in the "Celestine" pattern I think? I know I looked it up and of course I promptly forgot. This was a flea market find at $20 for all pieces.

The bowl with the darling mushrooms around the rim is by Finel Finland. Thrift store $2. (yes I know what they fetch on eBay. but I like it!) The vase is Gouda Pottery "Flora Rumba" and it was a flea market find as well, $15. Yes I know it's also collectible but I love it and it's beautiful on my shelf.

Ok, I'm spent! I miss you all & I do read your blogs every so often to catch up on your lives & collections. Dana (Mid2Mod) and I have been emailing which is lovely, being that we're going through the same process. :) I hope to be able to socialize more soon, so until then...