01 May 2011

Home Sweet Home

Still a bit jetlagged... sometimes I get really bad jetlag other times I'm fine. There's never any rhyme or reason.

The photos that I took that would be relevant to this blog are on a memory card that I don't have right now. As soon as I get it back I will share some of the MCM-related pics. We did stop by that retro.it shop before leaving, however her prices were RIDICULOUS.  A small, triangular 3-legged side table (and I mean SMALL) with a formica top (like the plant stands i collect) was priced  €165 !! That is just about $200 for you and me. It was small enough to be a doll's table, seriously. The glass (not Murano) dachshund I eyed up was €210.  Add 30% to that and you'll have the US Dollar amount.  Again, ridiculous. The girl who seemed to own it was nice enough but did not speak English so we couldn't really converse very well. We must of seemed odd to stop by twice and not buy anything. I wonder who her clientele is to spend that much cash on such relatively common pieces. Then again, I also wonder who the clientele is that purchases overpriced pieces from these NYC dealers. It's God's own private mystery I guess.

Came home to find a few newsworthy things:

The Frank/Bernard Weise house a.k.a 1709 Meadowbrook has $OLD.
(again, my own shitty photo from a drive-by)
I will continue to stalk it to make sure the new owners have it properly furnished and taken care of. If they do something horrible like furnish it with overstuffed couches or install granite countertops I will out them here.

Adrian Pearsall's home is officially for sale.
to die for, truly.

It was only a matter of time.  I will play the lottery in hopes of winning, then purchase it as my summer home. Or maybe winter home with that indoor pool.  You all will be invited over, rest assured!

And on a personal note, we won some pieces while away using absentee bids. Specifically a pair of Gio Ponti (can't get away from him lately!) side tables and two other large pieces. There are more auctions tomorrow but I will be staying home ~ it's been rough trying to get up early in the morning lately.

Sorry for the horrible photo. These pieces weren't catalogued and I only have the email screencap.