23 April 2011

Buena Serra from Roma

This city is breathtaking. Everything you see in photos does not express the sheer magnitude of the size of these ancient structures. They're HUGE. We've done all the touristy stuff save for the Vatican, which is Monday. You need tickets to even get in there, which we have for Monday. I'm resting and washing clothes today in preparation for massive flea-marketing tomorrow.

This shop --->  www.retrodesign.it  (click SHOWROOM) is right across the street from our apartment! The girl is quite nice, with an amazing eye but speaks very little english. Depending on what I find at the flea market tomorrow, I have my eye on  a few of her items before I leave. She is pricey but I have barely spent any  money this trip.

Here is a blurry shot of the Knoll table in our flat in Florence.  The top was marble. OF COURSE. :/

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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I love, love, love retrodesign's glass collection, and the chairs there are fabulous. I know you'll come home with some treasures.