19 March 2011

Oh Deer!

I am alive, I pinkyswear. Just a little bit busy! Nothing worth posting; my weekends are too crazy to thrift but I manage to hit some places during the week. Pickings seem slim lately but this week's finds have a definite theme:

The top photo feature Royal China Co. "Deer Me" plates. I LOVE DEER, I love when I wake up in the morning and the back yard is full of deer families munching on grass. I just watch them for as long as they'll stay, it's so calming. Anyway apparantly this pattern of china is extremely hard to find so I'm not feeling optimistic about collecting a whole set or even a few more but the curvature of that soup bowl makes for a sweet little display, so they went onto the display shelf as opposed to the ... functional china shelf. Aren't the colors gorgeous though? I love how it's a pair of deer, buck & doe.... heck I love everything about these plates!

The bottom photo is a modern plate by Black Thistle Co. I can't find much about this company except that they were responsible for the recent set of Alice in Wonderland patterned ware. This deer pattern looks like a vintage embroidery pattern, it certainly fooled me into thinking it was older. I'm not keeping it, I am giving it to my friend Sara when I see her in a few weeks, as she is deer-obsessed as well and I think this plate would make a very cute display piece as well.

Other than this, I've been picking up smalls with the intent of saving it for shop merch. If our idea of a shop falls through, they are all easily sellable pieces on Etsy.  We are nowhere near as quick as Dana at Mid2Mod so don't expect any sort of grand opening post anytime soon!

I have a hilarious story about another new discovery in the house, complete with photos, however it's going to have to wait for tonight because I need to get out of here now. It blows my mind that it's going to be 5 years this summer that we have lived here and I'm STILL finding new features, doo-dads, and treasures in here! This one was a goodie, it was something that I wanted very badly, and didn't even know I had it - it was hiding in plain sight! That is all the teaser I will give... for now!

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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Great pieces! I'd never seen either of those patterns before. I agree that it's wonderful to get up and watch deer in your yard...but it's been many years since I could do that. My parents lived in the country, so I'd see them then, but I've been a city dweller for over 40 years now.

I'm DYING to know what you found in your house! What a tease!

Oh...and I'm not the quick one. I did most of the babysitting while my quick daughter and SIL did all the real pulling-together of the store. They did a great job.