04 March 2011

I've Been A Busy Bee

...but I've had time to read everyone's blogs; if not comment. Nothing very interesting is shaking here in MontCo, but I will share the collage that was referenced in the last post ~ Mel was superhumanly quick it making it and mailing it to me, I've had it since last week. I only wish my photos showed the details in this, they are so incredible. The tile is only 4" x 4" so please try to imagine the size of the clippings she used. Tiny! But oh-so perfect and cute, down to the rock garden in the front! We all love it so much here, and I can't wait to rearrange some wall things to hang it up somewhere that everyone who visits will see!

We finally hit the milestone of NEEDING A STORAGE SPACE this week. We're debating a storefront in the near future as well, which makes me nervous. Ideally I would (and have, for years now) love a vintage clothing shop of my own. Since quitting ebay and being ever so lazy about Etsy, I have acquired a whole room full of vintage clothes etc. Add that to the now overabundance of midcentury furniture, we do have enough inventory for a shop. At least to start one. To keep it fully stocked would mean that I have to go out again for vintage clothing which I have pretty much ceased to do unless I come across something special. I'm not sure I want to dive into something like that again.

I've picked up a few little doo-dads this past week (and a half?) that I will have to share later. They were fun finds so I'll be sure to get them up tonight or tomorrow! :)


SusieQT said...

Hey- that would be great- a MCM furniture and vintage clothing store in my neighborhood? Woohoo! Seriously, I would definitely shop there, or if you need someone to be a picker for the clothing I could def. do that. Might help you out a bit!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

The collage is absolutely wonderful! That's something you'll treasure forever.

I didn't know you were thinking about opening a store. That's so cool! We could share the joys and frustrations...because I bet there will be both! We start moving in to ours tomorrow.

monogirl said...

The collage looks great, what a wonderful thing to win.

stacey said...

@Suzie ~ we're looking in the South Philly area, unfortunately. You kinda have to go where the hipsters are. :(

@Dana ~ you're just about ready to open your doors! :) We are still in planning stages haha.

@Eliza thank you, I highly recommend throwing your name into the hat the next time RR has this contest. You never know! :)