29 August 2011

Monday Thrift Store Scores

....Here i am at the buzzer, breathless and hoping to post this before Monday is over!

Xmas in July ~ literally! This was thee HUGEST shelf elf I've found to date; he's probably 8" sitting.... The plastic canisters I've been using for craft junk, as there was only 2 and they have minor cracks down the back. But I love the clear windows.

 Royal Haeger Virgin Mary planter. I love how this is all white and so smooth, yet in real life like this photo, the shadows show the details. I'm not even particularly religious. The Ferdinand Bull is another very smoothly cast planter, with airbrushed like coloring, and a dent in his head (for a pipe? maybe he's an ashtray?)

 I know you all don't think I deserve anything else Hall-Mack, given what I fell into with this house, but we don't have any of the recessed t.p. holders and it's IN THE BOX NO LESS. It's being saved for the main (blue) bathroom for when we re-do it. (not re-do it in the sense of gutting it, rather adding more Hall-Mack to it and replacing a crappy paint job on the amoeba shaped vanity with formica and chrome). This was actually an estate find that Partner-In-Crime was educated enough to grab! :)

And the grand finale... these were a Goodwill find. The whole set for $3. I nearly fainted. It was one of those things where I walked around the store clutching them for dear life for fear that someone would steal them from me because I was just dizzy from the find. I NEVER EVER thought I would find these in a thrift or even estate sale. Granted, I have the set that I bought on Ebay (when that guy in Illinois or wherever flooded the market with them a few months ago) but we have 2 doors into the house, so .... I don't feel guilty. Plus Rejuvination are coming out with their repros soon so everyone will have a chance to have some! :P

Well there it is! A Monday Thrift Store Score post from me! Look in  the sky for pigs flying and check Hell, for it's surely frozen over tonight!  The sad thing is, there's more but I left my camera at the store for Etsy photos.

Did everyone come out safe and relatively unscathed by Hurricane Irene? I hope so! We are fine, my county got hit a little bit, there are tons of trees still down and streets are blocked, still. But we never lost power or had any flooding issues or anything. Whew. Did anyone else on the east coast experience that earthquake last Tuesday? That was crazy! I got such a kick out of it because I never thought I'd experience an earthquake like that, ever. I was getting tattooed at the time it hit (!!) and it was so weird, it lasted over a minute and the building didn't shake like I thought it did in an earthquake ~ it didn't shake from side to side, rather the floor seemed to be going up and down. I don't think we'll get anything that hard again for 100 years so I'm still thinking it was pretty awesome to feel.

Ok this was a pretty decent blog entry considering..! Thanks for sticking with me during the lull!




monogirl said...

Irene left my home unscathed. Glad to hear your home and store were as well. I hope the tattoo artist didn't mess up while the earth was shaking! I've been in a couple quakes out west and this one was different. It was way shorter than the others for sure!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Glad you came through Irene OK and kept right on thrifting and getting tattoos. I like a woman who keeps her priorities straight...LOL (I can honestly say that I didn't get a single one of my tattoos during a hurricane, earthquake, tornado or any other disaster. I'm impressed!)

Uncle Atom said...

Wow, great buy on those starburst door escutcheons!