16 January 2011


Downstairs, there's an umbrella stand that is calling my name for a good BKF rub down, but I just got a text from P-I-C, being the true enabler and directing my attention to a slew of goodies that are... per usual, from Germany. I don't know what it is about Germany but their Mid Century pieces weaken my knees. I think it's the colors, the formica, the frivolity of shapes. Czech and Polish pieces are very similar... I'm learning that furniture is much like fashion... post-war designs are always a celebration. Lavish, colorful, excessive... and yes, frivolous in some ways.

This ebay seller is well bookmarked on my laptop, just scrolling their listings weakens my knees.  I love everything about each listing, from the set-ups in the photos, to the detailed restoration vignettes to the photoshopped 'art gallery'. But the pieces stand on their own merit, and all of this formica candy makes me happy. Also their plant stands make mine look like 2nd grade art projects! Sneak a peek -- all photos have a link to the listings incase anyone is inclined to drop a large sum of cash.

It's literally .... WONDERBAR!   

Now, I think I would rip out my whole kitchen to replace the cabinets with this. Ok maybe just rip out the built-in china cabinet and use this instead:

just a *hint* of orange!  these are so similar to hoosier cabinets but eversomuch cooler!

look at the details! now this is a serious plant stand. mine pale in comparison.

For some real eye candy, have a look at this sellers store - the chair sets, the tables, the sofas... some of these are on my watch list, if Herr Enabler is feeling inclined (and he very well may be... he won quite a bit of cash in Atlantic City last night haha) and buys anything I will be sure to post it. Especially if it's one of those huge kitchen units!


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

OMG, these are fantastic! I especially love the middle one. No, the top one. No, the bottom one. How can you choose a favorite? They're all amazing!!!

stacey said...

i felt daring and sent a request for a shipping rate to the US for the kitchen unit. it almost seems a sin to tear out the original built-in china cabinet in my kitchen but TBH it's a little too country-crafty style for my taste. should i post about it, with photos and ask opinions on what to do?

Rhan Vintage said...

That Wunder Bar is to die for!

Anonymous said...

it's literally... wonderbar! :D

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Sure, post pictures of the built-ins. We'd love to see them, and we'll be honest with you...although I'll have to work hard to keep my love of the German pieces from coloring my opinion. :)