23 January 2011

Sunday Morning Virtual MidMod House Hunting in Montco PA

I did it again last night - stayed up until 4am cruising the real estate listings in the area after driving through a pocket of gorgeous homes nearby; some that were on the market.

Looking at these homes makes me happy-angry. Happy to see the angles, the lines, large windows, a random orange door or something similar. Angry when I click the interior photos and see just horrible renovations, tacky decor or just plain disrepair.  And the abundance of of granite countertops will someday cause me a brain aneurysm, mark my words.

I know I can't fault these people for their decorating choices or for anything that I find aesthetically displeasing. But in general, I'm a very opinionated person with almost zero filter from my brain to my mouth and since I can't make snarky comments to them in person, I will do it here.

So! On with the tour, these are a few of the more notable listings I found. There are 2 pseudo time capsule homes, and if any listings are repeats from the last real estate post I made, I apologize. I'm tired today from the 3 hours of sleep I had between internet scrolling and the estate sale I hit up this morning.

In no random order:

1615 Terwood  CLICK HERE to read about it!

345 Moredon CLICK HERE to check out some amazing pics.

these 3 shots are all from the same house. the listing said that the designer/orginial owner is selling it but not who the designer is specifically. CLICK HERE for the listing.
You will want to check out this listing... specifically the backyard shot - check out the sculpture back there!

technically this is not in MontCo but it's pretty sweet.

And finally, "1701 Hillcrest". Proof Positive that "time capsule" home does not neccessarily mean your jaw will drop in a good way. Ok it's really not my tastes save for the one living room with orange accent colors, but I appreciate it for what it is.

1701 Hillcrest, there are some really odd photos HERE
when your room has a spiral staircase in the middle of it, may as well put grass green shag rug around it to make it more like you're popping out of a rabbit-hole.
after a few drinks in this fake african safari room, I may give my honest opinion of the decor. :)

 There were many more homes that were rather unimpressive inside and out, yet had either one room or one specific detail about it that was interesting.  I got to see that pink bathrooms are alive and well in  NE Pennsylvania, as well as some amazing old kitchens. I will post those vignettes at a later date, just for eye candy. This week was very good for thrifting finds that I want to photograph and post tonight.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

OMG...your comment about the rabbit hole made me laugh...hard and out loud. You've gotta wonder what the hell these people are thinking. The safari room was good for a laugh too. What's that old saying about taste being all in the mouth? :)

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

The house at 1615 Terwood was AMAZING. I have to say, though, that you were totally right about most of the decor in the houses. Did I mention that big, puffy velvet things frighten me? :)

stacey said...

Yeah, I didn't want to say it but in this area, and in Philadelphia proper, people can design their homes in outrageous tacky ways. I'm sure it's the same all over the country; Philadelphia seems to be alot of marble, oversized puffy couches, black lacquer, etc. Even a time capsule home isn't safe from bad 1960's tastes! :)

monogirl said...

Maybe 1701 Hillcrest was a secret residence of Elvis? Some of that is totally reminiscent of Graceland.