14 January 2011

The Master Bath aka the "Seahorse Bathroom"

Every day I thank our lucky stars that this bathroom wasn't gutted ~ it came so close! The Real Estate agent almost had the original owner convinced that NO ONE would want a bathroom like this and would see it as a project and get turned off. When we "Squeeee!"-ed at the seahorse tiles, gushed over the Hall-Mack vanity shelves, and got perplexed, then hysterical over the Hall-Mack Relaxation Unit, it was just another reason the original owner wanted us to get this house. We appreciated the little things in ridiculously huge ways.

I don't use this bathroom unless it's an emergency pee break. Since it's off the master bedroom, I initially tried to make it my everyday bathroom but truth be told, the shower is only a stall (albeit a large stall, but... ladies you know how it is) and the overhead lighting isn't conducive to face-fixing either.  This bathroom is perfect Partner-In-Crime size and functionality, so up went the nonfogging shaving mirror, the gorgeous vanity shelves are lined with boy things, and the relaxation unit holds tattoo magazines for the extra manly touch.

The sink and cabinet were re-done at some point, and it is too large for the room itself, so it is on the list of things to take out, and we are checking local Re-Store shops for the perfect matching pedestal sink to replace the current monstrosity. That bathroom is so small it doesn't need it's own cabinet, I just bring the bucket of cleaners in from the  main bathroom when it needs a scrub.

seahorses on flecked tile. the colors are sand with darker brown flecks, cream & tan.  these seahorse tiles are randomly placed all over the shower wall.

this was painted over, i'm temped to strip and see what was underneath. i'm sure it's not chrome, maybe a brown faux wood finish? either way, the frosted sliding doors reveal 2 shelves and on one side there is an electrical outlet for your hair dryer or electric shaver etc. apparantly this is illegal in PA homes but fuck it.

yes these magazines have been flagged and are non-returnable 
(seinfeld joke)

again, the interior of this has been painted, it feels like chrome or aluminum and i want to strip it as well but i don't want to compromise the unit so it may have to stay as-is. the screws holding it in are loose, i *may* see if it's easily removable just to see the back and if there are any makers marks or stamps of interest there! i am a curious girl. i also can't imagine that it is NOT a hall-mack unit, however a peek at the back for posterity (and some photos) will make me happy... in a very OCD sort of way.

Sorry for the vignettes, this bathroom is used daily and had scrunched up toothpaste tubes, open pomade cans, brushes, and gosh knows what else laying around that I didn't feel like cleaning up prior to the impromptu photo shoot. 

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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I think your post just saved my daughter and SIL a lot of money. They were going to try to gut and redo their master bathroom before they put their house on the market, but now they're going to leave the tile as is and just make minor changes.