23 January 2011

Weekend Finds // January 17-23 2011

I stuck to thrifting this week, I haven't visited my haunts since before the holidays. I think I did pretty well! My weeked started early with an odd Thursday afternoon estate sale.

2 hardcover decorating books. they were $1 for the pair at a local thrift.

this one is HUGE and titled "The American Woman's Encyclopedia of  Home Decorating"

This book is extremely interesting to me, as the publishing dates read 1947, 1948, 1949. Seemingly pre-MCM yet there are photos, sections, and mentions of Danish Modern throughout the book. The mentions of Danish MCM are worded in a very funny way, like "Modernism" is a passing fad or for artsy weird people.  The photo above cracks me up as well because the little boys' playroom is showcasing 2 real saws and a full tool set. Yeah I'd give a 6 year old a saw. Also, my favorite chapter is called "Wallpaper is Gay!"

The glaze drip on this is to die for. Pearly white and green on a dark blue vase. $10
The lady at the shop said "Now that you've paid for it, I must tell you I think this is an ugly vase." I said, "Now that I've paid for this I must tell you that you severely underpriced it!"

1965 Holiday Good Housekeeping, 1963 Ideas for Better Living Through Home Impovement,  ($1 each) and a customer-geared Hall-Mack supply catalog. (ebay purchase)
 The 2 magazines came from the aforementioned estate sale. It was literally at a hoarder's home, and run by very irritated family members. The home was dangerous to have strangers walk through, and the attic was acceccible; piled knee-high in garbage with hidden holes in the floor underneath the piles.  The crap I had to wade through to find anything good was absolutely incredible and caused me to go home, shower, then furiously scrub out my kitchen cabinets. I have never been to a sale where literal garbage was just piled on the floor like it was good stuff. It's a good thing my eyes are trained to find the proverbial diamonds in the dust.

This is my 2nd Hall-Mack Catalog. The first is a commercial catalog for hardware stores to order from. This new one seems to be for home owners to pick out what they would like. Both share many of the same photos, but the customer copy features photo spreads of whole bathroom layouts and design.

Pre-overstuffed recipe box. I needed one of these; I'm lazy about bringing cookbooks into the kitchen. My favorite recipe is for home made pierogies, which I am going to make tomorrow or  next Sunday. $3

Full packaged sheets of wrapping paper. The desert theme one is flocked, I think it's my fave. $5 for the lot.

I am DETERMINED to learn how our scanner works and do everything I can to make it compatible with my computer so that I can scan my favorite photos and graphics. I am a huge nerd when it comes to ephemera and I want to start a side blog for just vintage scanned graphics, ads, cards, wrap etc.

My first Meakin! $3.50

I don't collect Pyrex. I do, however use these little custard (?) bowls in mismatched patterns for cheese plates. They hold olives and fig paste etc wonderfully on a huge teak platter. 50¢ each.

 And the weekend ended with another estate sale, thankfully in a clean house but without much of interest for sale. I found a little stepstool in green to match the kitchen, a glass jar with teak top that I've been looking for something similar for dog treats. And one typical floral table cloth for the kitchen. Total damage there: $4.50.

Whew!  Anyone else grab a good haul this weekend?


monogirl said...

That's hilarious about the vase. She should know: Just because you think it's ugly, doesn't mean it can't make money.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

You made quite the haul this weekend! My SIL picked up several more pieces of furniture, but I was too busy concentrating on my china wheeling and dealing to do much else.

I love the vase story. Why would a dealer say something like that? Nice comeback!

Midcenturymadam said...

I can't pass up a decorating book. I have stacks of them and I continue to buy more. Interesting their take on "modernism"...sixty years later and it is still popular.

Beautiful vase and perfect come back.