22 November 2010

New pieces en route - or- Why I love the internet!

The past week wasn't very happening in the way of purchases, save for the little bits I found thrifting [Xmas time = amazing 1950's/ 60's kitschy decorations and used cards - photos to come!].  I was fine with this, I spent some quality time doing a few repairs, upgrades, and then finally wrapping my Granparents' coffee and end table set in shipping blankets so that I can store them in the attic.

This is the set, from a super old photo, and located on the left side:

It's a mid-to-low(ish) quality set is only particle board and veneer, modest and probably very affordable in it's time.  But the sentiment attatched to this 3 piece set is insurmountable. Like most kids of the 80's, I was practically raised by my grandparents and in their home. I loved my grandparents very much and miss them everyday.  This set served them just fine from 195-something to the 2000's. Then it came to live here and all of a sudden there is peeling veneer and the table legs seem so fragile and some of them had started to wobble.  I can only imagine that we are way more clumsy and our dogs are way more active and somehow with people and pets bumping into them they just started to suffer. We did the best repairs we could, and believe me... partner-in-crime spent many years repairing antique furniture but this poor set just wasn't cooperating.

We do not have a backup set to replace at the moment. The couches pictured are a sectional, I tried to pull them apart to see if I could work a random side or occasional table inbetween the pieces but it didn't work. We have an extra long slat coffee table (oh the joys of buying lots on CL!) that will work at the moment but with Thanksgiving coming up so quickly I am in a panic that everything won't be pulled together the way I would like it.

So! What does all this babble have to do with the title of this entry? Well, in a fit of insomnia and OCD, I purposely cruised the internet to look at things outside of my little area in hopes that an auction or estate sale site allows online or phone bidding and can ship or allow me to send a shipping company over to pick up any purchases.   In the mania of this, I came across this estate sale listing:

Mid Century Time Capsule Estate in Michigan

How absolutely breathtaking and heartbreaking at the same time. I feel sad when homes like this have their contents put up for sale. It looks so perfect in its place. Anyway I wasn't familiar with this estate company so partner in crime (now a.k.a. the ENABLER) told me to just email and ask. Simple enough, I did just that and with fingers crossed I went to sleep.

By lunchtime the next  morning we had heard from the estate sale company. They were absolutely accomodating and told us to just make a list of what we were interested in, and they would tag it as sold. Also, they offered to ship everything FOR US, as they are near a UPS shipping store. Oh my, it was a dream come true.

List was made, and emailed. In the interest of brevity, I will soon be the proud owner of a Plycraft Chair of my own (similar to a Mr. Chair but it has feet, not a base so what does that make this? I don't know) a pair of lamps, 4 palette tables, a sculptural wood wall art, assorted tables, and hopefully some assorted linens. The prices were great, we got the second-day markdown prices. Now, the sale is over and we have an inquiry in to see what exactly went unsold and the prices. I mean, if you're going to have a shipment sent, may as well make it a big shipment.

I can't wait to sit in this. To be honest, I like this style way more than the iconic HM for Eames lounger. Blasphemy, I know!

These are too cute! And perfectly apt for this house full of artists.

We tried having orange as a simple accent color, however our appreciation for all things orange is getting a little out of control and what was an accent color is now a running theme. Is that bad?

There's nothing I love more than digging in shops, crawling around dusty warehouses and the thrill of the hunt, but it's starting to get cold here, the flea markets aren't as happening and everyone is getting into hibernation mode. Me included. The internet is now coming in hand with purchases and will probably trump my outdoor excursions for a while... if there are deals to be had, anyway.

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