05 November 2010


In the spring of 2005, we became the proud owners of a custom-designed mid century split level home (1961) in a little town outside of Philadelphia, PA. The original owners were very particular about what they wanted and needed for their home, and had the ability to get the best of what was available at that time. We purchased the home from their son, which makes us only the 2nd owner outside of the family.

The kitchen was 99% refurbished prior to going up for sale. All of the walls were painted white, the built-in wet bar was painted white, and some new stone flooring was added by the front door and around the fireplace. Other than this, the home was in as much of it's 1960's splendor as it could be. We were instantly in love.

The impressive details include: a 3000 sq ft floorplan, hardwood floring, 3 full bathrooms, built-in teak bookshelves, built-in wet bar with teak shelving behind it, large front facing windows that are actually patio doors that slide open for full breeze effect, a carport over the drive way that comes off of the kitchen for a nice deck, fishpond, inground pool, almost 2 acres of property, and garage.

The little, funny details we found along the way include: Original plans for the house and the carport/deck add on, original sketch of the house, NuTone intercom system, telescope hangers in the bathrooms and master bedroom, a pull-down home movie screen hidden in a window treatment, fire place exhaust fans, attic exhaust, NuTone vent fan in the guest bathroom, a drop-down sewing table in the guest room, and the original garage door opener system still fully functioning.

Obviously the plan was to get this house back to it's original glory in the way of furnishings, some light fixtures etc. We got sidetracked with this project for the past few years because the inground pool ended up being a money pit for 3 straight years (that story to come I'm sure!). We replaced the industrial carpeting in the downstairs living (family) room and sewing (guest) room with shag. We purchased a gorgeous dining room set with matching nesting tables at an estate sale. Our couches were, and remain, custom sectionals from a Danish manufacturer for now. I've picked up occasional tables, lamps, clocks, and bric a brac here and there. The entertainment center was custom made in teak, low to the ground and fits in perfectly.

Right now we are at the point where it's time to get these projects moving, and I'm here to document it. I've been reading up on how to clean chrome and brass. I hope to re-wire a sputnik lamp, replace 5 sconces, and refinish a small table.

My partner in crime will be painting, landscaping, replacing swag lamps and some recessed lighting.

For now... I am on the hunt for various mid century pieces to fill up the very stark rooms we've gotten used to, and nothing makes me happier than a bargain so I troll the local thrifts and enjoy the deals I find just as much as the items themselves! Philadelphia is quite nice for these sorts of finds at the moment, even the craigslist ads. I will be photoblogging my finds and treasures.

I also hope to showcase the local mid century architecture around here, both modern and modest. My little corner of the world is a lovely mix of Victorian, 1920's, and 1950's/60's houses. It's eye candy everywhere you go that I will try to share.

And on that note, I am late to a local sale! Please comment or follow or I may abandon this blog out of the lack of attention span I seem to have. Thanks!

~ stacey


Mr. Modtomic said...

Hi Stacey! I think I have the honor of posting the first comment! Thanks for saving that for me. You're too kind!

You have a beautiful house that it looks like you are turning into a beautiful home. I can hardly wait to see more. It's always nice to meet another like minded individual. Keep up the great work.

If I can make a suggestion, you can put a "break" near the top of each blog entry when you are creating it. This will "hide" the main body of the post, giving the reader a teaser pic and a few lines. Your blog will have (in my humble opinion) a very clean look as well as being able to have many more postings on the first page resulting in less load time and making the page shorter. You will also be able to track how many times a particular posting has been read via your "stats" page (which is the main reason I do it).

stacey ♪ ♫ said...

I'm glad ppl can comment now, if it's not painfully obvious I am so new to blogspot and haven't studied all of it's inner workings and options. Thanks for the line break tip, I will test it out with tomorrow's post!

Mr. Modtomic said...

I'm still learning new tricks every day. Doing it daily kinda speeds up the learning curve. I've gone back and done some editing of some of my older posts and am going to go back and do some more soon. I've found that double spacing my text makes it less burdensome to read. I've got to go back through my older posts an make that adjustment. I've figured out how to make text a link to something else and have started using that to some effect (especially on other blogs, like AT, to link back to my blog which gets me more views / readership...which is why we are doing this, right? I know...I'm a blog wh*re!).