16 November 2010

Virtual Tour

I wanted to photo blog some of the cleaning of bits I did, and what I used to clean things like chrome and brass, however after a 10 year old's birthday party this weekend my camera battery is dead. While it's charging, I found the photos I took after we closed on this house. Fair warning - there is alot of glaring white walls ahead! I don't have many "after" photos but I will work on those. Right now we are in furniture flux and I don't want to take photos until I am convinced I have the perfect arrangement going on.

Living room, facing the fireplace the bookshelves are behind you. It seemed a sin to fill up these gorgeous shelves with books but in time it became crucial to store our books there.

Dining room before and a month after. Right now it's better, with the opposite walls painted orange, and more furnishings. The hanging swag lamps are simply Ikea right now. We have a teak and brass chandelier ready to go!  The table and chairs are from an estate of a 90 year old neighbor to my parents'. We also have a matching credenza and nesting tables from him, all circa 1965 and in lucious teak and walnut wood.

The 3 bathrooms are one of my favorite things about this house. We almost didn't have them. The real estate agent tried to get the original owner to tear out the "dated" tile and fixtures because a "buyer won't like them". Thank goodness he didn't because the colors, the tiles, and even the toilets are simply perfect! The Guest Bathroom has my favorite color scheme: Peachy Pink with Seafoam Green -

Right now the decor includes a flamingo lithograph mirror and some wall mermaids in the same color scheme. Photos to come! I'm waiting on some shelves to arrive to make it complete. It has a full shower stall and is very convieniant for guests or if someone else in the house is hogging up the main bathroom (aka the Blue Bathroom). Those light fixtures are on the list to be removed as well... as soon as I find the perfect set of sconces!


Mr. Modtomic said...

More pics of the pink and seafoam green bathroom please! It looks great in this photo. I have some shades that are exactly like yours (on the sconces) except they have starbursts on them. Picked them up at a Church rummage sale. Then found the matching long, four light sconce and shade at the ReStore.

stacey ♪ ♫ said...

Will do! For a tiny bathroom it has some features that I love. The sconces are not one of them, was considering replacing them but haven't found anything that I'm smitten with yet.