27 November 2010

On the holidays

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Since moving into this house, we have hosted Thanksgiving each year. I love playing hostess but it's exhausting to make sure everything is perfect. This year I almost called it off and ordered take-out.

This years freak-out wasn't over the food I was making, however. It was all about the aforementioned 3-table set of my Grandparents that I had stowed away.  Having everything just right and matching makes me feel better in my head (slight OCD) so after re-arranging every possible piece in the house to try and see how it fit in the room, I just unwrapped, and tightened up the hardware on my Grandparents' set and put them back out in the upstairs LR just as they were before.

It was a long night! What started off as dusting and wiping became full-fledged manic furniture freak fit until things were in a place that didn't hurt my brain. I think I succeeded in an acceptable arrangement... for now. The holiday went swimmingly and it was nice to show off some of the new furniture to my parents. We played some records on the stereo credenza and my stepdad snoozed off his dinner in the Eames lounger.

My rugs are never anything special. I long for the day that I can have nice 60's area rugs in bold prints and/or shaggy deliciousness. But I am the proud owner of 2 dachshunds and any dachshund owner will attest that having these lovely little wiener dogs means never having an upright, unmolested trash can, and never being able to have nice rugs. I've found that using large bathroom mats for area rugs can be useful as they are easily washable. I haven't had a decent or wool rug in 10 years.

These were taken in the calm before the storm known as Thanksgiving Day.

I am NOT one of those Christmas rushers. I was not out today hanging up lights or in the basement looking for my tree. However, last week the shops were starting to stock their Christmas items and one thrift in particular always has some vintage holiday eye candy.

Other than this little stash, I am no where near being ready for Christmas.

For a fun read, check out the holiday known as Krampus Nacht. I love Krampus, I wish the festivities were celebrated here in the U.S., however while in EU I was able to pick up some Krampus themed ornaments, decorations and candies and mix them in each year with our standard shiny bits. So far, no one has either noticed, or asked why there are devils on the tree.



Mr. Modtomic said...

"my stepdad snoozed off his dinner in the Eames lounger"

Lucky Stepdad! I...Have...Got...To...Get...One...Of...These! Maybe Santa is listening.

Anonymous said...

awesome Stacey! Everything looked perfect!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Your blog is delightful. I just found it today, and I'll be a regular reader. I'd love to have you visit mine.