09 November 2010

This Weekend's Fun Finds.

I'm hoping to be able to post every Monday or Tuesday with the weekend's finds. Just about every weekend we've been visiting the better flea markets or vintage shops in our area. During the week, we pour over craigslist ads looking for treasures, as well as eBay. And I'm not above mentioning that I have grabbed things from curbs that were meant for the trash!

This week's finds are a combination of  sources, sans trash-picking. If I ever post the price of anything, it is only because I feel it was a great score/deal and I'm not bragging by any means. (Although, I don't see how $5 items would lead anyone to think that my pockets are overflowing!) If there's anything I love more than the pieces themselves, it's getting a deal.

First up is what we have been looking for in every way: A 1965 Stereophonic Turntable Cabinet in gorgeous condition with fully working turntable, speakers and the original paperwork.

Now, in my infinite vintage geekiness, I poured over the graphics in the booklet and then just stared at the original receipt from purchase. The seller also included a great record of golden oldies to listen to, although we have plenty on vinyl to play.

This is a longer style cabinet, fully 6 feet long. If I had a preference, it would have more storage spaces for records. Each side contains the whole speaker system so the records will have to go elsewhere for now.
[Craigslist: $50]

It's no secret that I am a sucker for unusual lamps. Saying "unusual mid century lamp" is repetitive, they were all so different and funky in their own ways. My partner-in-crime has a new obsession with tension pole lamps, my obsession lays in sculptural bases, fiberglass shades, or planter and lamp combinations. We are running out of surfaces for my table lamp purchases. This simple desk lamp has a fiberglass shade, even though it looks like string. I've never seen anything like it and the base is so lovely and simple it does not detract from the shade.

[Mod Squad Shop @ The Golden Nugget Flea Market $30]

I have to stop picking up planters. I finally got a sweet Baby Deer planter (unmarked) so I will stop buying them now! They're always so hard to resist - they're plentiful, they're usually cheap, and they always have either an amazing glaze or adorable theme. This blog is testament that I will stop buying planters until at least next spring. Also, I can't keep plants alive for anything... my planters are handy stashing points for keys, loose change, and spare bits of junk all over the house.

[Local re-sale shop. $7]

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