05 December 2010

On the guest bathroom. Also Stacey learned how to make Text Cuts!

Mr. Modtomic asked to see more photos of the guest bathroom, and it's been something I've been meaning to do anyway, as the little details are fabulous. Please excuse the crap photos, I'm hungover.

[ usually have rugs and towels in there, but they are in the laundry right now.]

This bathroom is slightly below-ground level, and behind some landscaping bushes. I don't have any neighbors near enough to see into any part of my house, let alone an ankle-high window behind shrubbery hence the simple barkcloth valance on the window.

Hall-Mack Tow’lescope that is strategically placed hip-high as you're coming out of the shower stall.
(There are also Tow’lescopes in the master bedroom and sewing room to use as clothing bars.) The master bathroom has the Hall-Mack Relaxation Unit (!!!) so be jealous ... photos to come.

The best closeup of the tile. the actual colors are blush-peach with tan flecks and seafoam green.

Modern toothbrushes don't fit into the flamingo holder so I put fake plastic flower bead things in it.
Retro lady head vase by teenagedopeslave.

Flamingo lithograph mirror; you can see the Nu-Tone exhaust fan in the reflection.

Terrazzo showerstall floor, which now that I look at it, could use a good scrub and I'm not in the mood. I love Terrazzo work so much, I want to get something else in the house Terrazzo-ed... like my bedroom floor! 

This bathroom was actually a godsend for me in the spring of 2008 I had broken my back and after getting out of the hospital I was couch ridden in the downstairs TV room. I had to re-learn how to walk and the short trip from the couch to that bathroom was a good start. Also, the step-in shower was the only way I could of gotten clean, as stepping up and into a bathtub shower was out of the question.

Other fun features: The toilet tank lid has planter indentations on the top - just low divots but still pretty sweet. The medicine cabinet may or may not be a Hall-Mack as well, I'm not sure.

This is my favorite bathroom in the house for a few reasons. First, it is as close to a pink princess bathroom as I will ever get. It gives me a bit of a kitschy outlet. It is also the most untouched bathroom in the house, nothing was altered save for a sink cabinet's paint job. I thought that the sconces flanking the medicine cabinet were new, but after checking out a time capsule hardware store up the street, I found that they still carried these same sconces and they are indeed mid century fixtures and if I ever need more there are a few boxes of them still languishing locally. I'm not crazy about these light fixtures and am looking to replace them if I ever find a pair that scream out to me.

Whew. That is all I can manage right now on this painful Sunday morning. Last week was killer in the way of deliveries and auction finds but they will have to wait.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Very cool! Too bad so many people have torn out these great bathrooms (including the former owner of my house). I'll have to check out Hall-Mack Tow'lescopes. I don't know anything about them, but they sound great.

stacey ♪ ♫ said...

If it were up to the realtor we would of lost them. He told the owner that "No one will like these bathrooms, they're outdated."

Here is a fun photo link of some of the fun & functional Hall-Mack bathroom accessories: http://retrorenovation.com/2009/07/26/18-rare-1962-vintage-hall-mack-bathroom-accessories/

monogirl said...

Love the whole bathroom. Especially the toweloscope! Though I'm so klutzy, I'd probably run into it even when it was retracted.

Mr. Modtomic said...

Great post! Love the pics. You know, it was what WASN'T changed that sold the house we are in to the Girlfriend! Her Realtor was shaking his head as I walked around the joint snapping pics of the wallpaper and the cool tile and light fixtures. There is a certain segment of the buyer market that this stuff sells to! I wish they could figure that out.

That really is a great bathroom. You're pretty lucky! Ours are still orig. too but not Nearly as sweet as yours!