29 December 2010

"...its a 60s post modern gingerbread house."

(Google-image search that phrase for some really outrageous gingerbread houses!)

Happy post-holidays to all! Well, NYE is coming up but that never invokes the stress and tension of Christmas, does it? While I cannot say that my Christmas went off without a hitch, I can say that the house looked lovely and festive, the food was delicious, and that old cliche of picking friends over family sure rings true.

Vignettes of Christmas 2010:

 the entrance table (aka the old record cabinet) displaying some of the cards, one of a pair of my Grandmother's electric candles, a christmas cactus, my new green lamp, a vintage runner from Denmark, and a vintage Christmas Card box with index cards still inside to keep track of sending/receiving.

You never know where those pesky little elves will show up! I have about 10 of them and hid them in the weirdest places for my guests to find.  Also, planters make great places for extra ornaments!

...as does Kromex trays. Those black ornaments are from Target, I couldn't resist them but didn't want to put them on a tree. 

The tabletop tree gets the creepy ornaments, and some of the well-worn shiny brites etc. It's getting a bit over decorated, may be time for a bigger one next year!

All in all, I'm glad that this day is over, I really want to take down the tree and the lights and get back to decorating and projects. I feel held up by decorations to properly get back into the groove I was in.

Prior to Xmas, we had an electrician come in to fix some of the wiring we had problems with, as well as switch out 2 fixtures. The Ikea swag from the dining room is now gone, we got the Teak chandelier up and it looks pretty nice! The problem? It was brought back from EU and we can't find the proper lightbulbs that it takes. Thankfully, we live near a Russian neighborhood that has shops that carry such things, it's just a matter of waiting until after their Christmas and New Year is over (Mid to late January) to go looking for them.

 The shades are actually that spagetti plastic, they slide up and down for easy on / off, it's quite clever. It runs parallel to the dining room table. In the background is our new credenza with bar, we moved the matching breakfront to the opposite wall and I have a bit of a showcase for some of my mini collections.

What's funny is now we have 2 bars in the house, and I'm the only one who drinks. And rarely at home. But the bar side of the credenza is pretty swank - it's mirrored inside with a light and amazing tumbler holders. It now makes me want BARWARE, which I do not have currently.

I recieved some lovely gifts; mostly cash which is welcome. Partner-in-Crime surprised me with 4 large bullet planters and one large hairpin plant stand prior to Christmas that are so gorgeous it will make anyone cry. Either that or the fact that he got all 5 items for $30 will cause some tears. They were an estate find, and I used one for my fake pointsettas outside. Pics to come!


Joellen said...

Wow, I LOVE that dining room light! We have a Le Klint replica from Ikea in the DR right now, and I've given up on the rest of the house. Maybe in a few years when we're not overrun with toys. I love what you're doing with your place though!

stacey said...

Oh JoJo I just remembered that the last time you were here was the day before I broke my back! Since I'm now mobile and Mike is motivated, everything is coming together and looking more lived-in. Please come back this summer with the boys, I promise the spare room will have a huge pull out bed and other furniture; you all can stay for a weekend.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Oh, wow...the teak fixture is amazing! I love, love, love it!!! Hope you find bulbs soon.

Your Christmas decorations were adorable...even the creepy ones...LOL

stacey said...

thx dana! if we don't, there's a teak and linen pull-down lamp in the basement ready to step in. (i think we've crossed the threshold into mcm hoarders now)