11 December 2010

This & That

I have 2 custom layouts for this blog coming SOON, one for xmas and one for the rest of the year... is it sad that I'm excited about it? Anyway please excuse the eyesore of this layout, my spanking-new and groovy orange one should be ready by tonight.

Speaking of orange, this is the little lamp that I blame for starting the whole orange obsession.

Purchased in Germany (on this amazing miles-long antique market that runs along the Rhine in the city of Köln) and transported home wrapped in a super padding of dirty clothes. Now, it was purchased when I was looking at another table of goodies and I was honestly perplexed as to why Partner-In-Crime would buy an orange lamp.  His justification was that it was only a little bit orange. True enough, and it didn't offend me in the least. We have a stash of outlet converter thingies so the lamp got plugged in and I do use it.

Everything went downhill after Die kleine Lampe.

1 comment:

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

So that's what started it, huh? Very cool!

I can't even pinpoint what started my orange addiction. I just kinda happened.