17 December 2010

week of annoyances -or- why ebay is really the devil

Long story short, I was browsing ebay and my computer started to collapse into itself and eat itself alive. Something on one of those pages gave me the shittiest computer virus ever (bankerfox.a) and I was down for a few days to make sure my system has been cleaned out 100%.  Holy guacamole what a mess.

My promised groovy orange layout is not finished yet, I made this Xmas one up quickly but I'm not fond of it. It will be gone by Dec 26th.

We did 2 auctions this week and found some crazy sweet stuff! But I'm behind in my photos so here are the pics from last-last week's crazy sweet stuff:

I finally got my TERRARIUM! For someone lacking a green thumb, I have deep rooted obsessions with planters, plant stands, and now terrariums. Everything holds either fake plants or Cacti.

 Finally found the Lane cedar chest in the style preferred -- with these little legs/feet. It's older, from the 30's by the datestamp on the bottom. It also came with an old timey unopened package of cedar chips!

 I wish you all could lift this lamp. The base is SOLID wood, it's so bulky and gorgeous. I have to find an equally gorgeous shade for it now.

 Snagged a pair of these lamps. They're in pristine condition... a bit too big for me to use as budiour lamps but I think I'm going to put them in the living room.

Another one-off lamp. The fiberglass shade is more green than I could capture, so... I clearly needed it.

I think my next post will be about my German Plant Stand Tables. I have 3 of them, they're completely ridiculous, full-on amazing, and absolutely mysterious. Also add that they're obnoxiously expensive and painfully hard to have shipped to the USA.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

All your finds are fabulous...but I particularly love the lamps with the two-tiered shades. Congrats on the great new pieces!

Mr. Modtomic said...

Mr. Modtomic LOVES the new X-mas "layout" (that sounds much more dirty than I mean it!).

Are you sure about the date stamp on the chest? It looks for all the world like it's from the late fifties or sixties. Maybe someone updated the hardware and legs later in it's life? I'm looking for something to put at the end of our bed that I can store stuff in and sit on when putting shoes on and stuff.

The lamps all look like great scores, the green shaded beauty being my favorite.

I've never been much of a fan of the plastic terrarium for some unexplainable reason. They remind me of Space 1999...in a good way, so I should like them. ::shrugg:: I don't know.

monogirl said...

The new layout is great! I can't believe ebay has viruses. Is nothing sacred?! Can we not look for our vintage in peace?!
Your lane chest is fabulous. But I gotta agree with Mr. Modtomic, those legs don't look 30's. But maybe Lane was a trendsetter.

stacey ♪ ♫ said...

Thank you ladies & gents! I will have to double check the stamp under the chest, I read online that sometimes there's an extra # in them and that you're supposed to ignore one of them and read it backwards from there.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful new pieces Stacy!