30 December 2010

Things I Collect, Specifically and Purposely (part 1)

As opposed to the multitude of things that seem to collect themselves around here, like lamps and barkcloth...!

  •  Cardinal Pottery

I've actually ceased actively buying, as I think I have everything they ever produced in the style that I like. It started with a candy dish:

That I found while browsing an antique mall in Ohio. The decal print on this dish reminded me of my Grandmother. She would always put out petit fours at Christmas, and I found the color scheme soothing.  To my dismay, Cardinal never put out a similar matching dish (to my knowlege, it's been 10 years looking) so I started picking up other designs, and learning what I could about the company. The process of making these pieces requires decals of all things, and with the pieces that I have doubles and triples of, the differences are noticable.

 egg dishes

 spoon rest and jelly plate (?) i use the spoon rest.

 scrubby pad holder and sewing notion catch-all. both are in use.

Some of these pieces I use, most are displayed along the top of the kitchen cabinets. They were built with shelving along the tops for the original owners extensive beer stein (!!!) collection. Now it houses my semi-extensive Cardinal Pottery collection.

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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

What a cute, impressive collection. I don't know much about Cardinal. I think I ought to read up on it!