09 December 2010

♩ ♬ it's beginning to look alot like.. something 'round here.

Drunken Santa beckons you ....!

Drunk Santa is the best wrapping paper score in the history of wrapping paper scores. I found the sheets (2 packages) 3 years ago and am almost out of it so I only wrap the most special of gifts in it!

I love the smell of UNTOUCHED Kromex in the morning. Or night. Or anytime. It shines like crazy, I almost don't want to fill it with cookies.


I have a vintage ornament buying issue. It's gotten so crucial that I had to buy a 3ft high table tree to have room for them all. When I finish unpacking them I will share the better ones, including what I call "THE BUG BABIES".

One of the better 'old lady' thrifts nearby always has boxes of 1940's-1970's Christmas cards, ornaments, and wrapping paper. I know I have some fun finds, it's just a matter of getting all of the storage buckets upstairs and sorting it all out. They've come to know me as the-girl-who-buys-all-the-old-stuff. I don't mind, when they see me on the floor rooting through boxes they'll bring stuff out of the back for me.

Does anyone collect specific types of Old Christmas or Holiday items? A special brand of ornament or maybe the little bottle brush trees?  I'm sure most of you have an Aluminum Tree and color wheel!  (We do not. I know, I know.) I can't wait to see some decorations and lights from everyone!

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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Wow, Stacey, it's looking pretty festive in Montgomery County! I absolutely love the wrapping paper. That's priceless.