15 February 2011

Auction Day

Today was (is! it's still going on... from 10am to 10pm) Auction Day at a local spot. We get there in time for previewing, put in our absentee bids and leave. Since P-I-C starts work at noon everyday, it works out well for us. Tomorrow AM he will call the house to see if he won anything. There was nothing spectacular that we NEEDED, but I'm always about the tables of smalls and checking out dishes, fabric, art, pottery, books etc.

Today was Lamp-a-palooza and even though we don't need any more lamps we did put bids in on a few PAIRS. I guess if they're in matching pairs it's ok to buy. Weird logic.

Here are some snaps that I took, covert spy-style:
we put a bid on this pair of chairs they were comfy and will match the orange sofa.

this lamp was nice until you get to the spaghetti plastic shades.

i went "aslkdfjslfkj lamps!"

how YOU doin?

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day, however you choose to spend it. I did because I opened the door and found 8 packages waiting for me... the ebay and etsy purchases I made last week. One box was 20 pounds of 1930's - 1960's home improvement/design magazines and books that I got for a song and has kept me completely occupied since I opened it. Look for more scans coming to Atomic Doxie.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Oh, my...there were some things there that I would have loved to bid on! I have a friend who lives about an hour away from Philadelphia, and I've asked her to start going to some auctions for me. You have such great stuff up there!

stacey said...

cool! which town? if you need a list of auction houses & other places to go in the area for her, let me know i can email you the ones i'm aware of :)

it's easy to bid on everything but with the NYC dealers in attendance, it's hard to WIN anything good.

Rhan Vintage said...

Oh my - wish I could go!! LOVE those chairs and I hope you get them!!

monogirl said...

aslkdfjslfkj lamps! That made me laugh.