05 February 2011

Thrifting Finds Week Ending Feb. 6, 2011

I hate snow! It kept me from getting out to my haunts for the past 10 days. We had snow and ice storms that made driving impossible, so the thrifting finds for this past week were relatively minimal...but I've been living vicariously through you lovely people whose blogs I follow, all of you have had way better weeks than I !

Yes! 4 more decorating books, a book on how to make funky sand 'paintings' in a terrarium and one booklet on how to make pinch-pleat drapes (among other types) and a Napco Xmas plate that I couldn't resist. The books are a little later than I usually get, 1965-1975/ish but there were interesting photos in all of them. This particular thrift I got to this week is great in the way that they have year round Xmas deco and items, and also year round Halloween costumes on the rack. You know.. incase you need a mighty morphin power rangers costume in June for that special occasion. Also this store is always good for plates, however this week was better for books. Total for all items: $5 + some change.

The hatred for winter weather overrode my hatred for ebay. I know I purchased a handful of smalls online, but it was such a blur I can't even remember what I got. Sometimes it's fun to drink and ebay... when packages come it's like they're gifts from other people!

But speaking of books ~ I learned how to work the scary scanner and have been scanning my little heart out. Usually, during a manic insomnia spree. I have created a separate blog for just the scans as a little bit of eye candy on the web without my babble. There has been a link on the bar up there but just in case no one saw or clicked it, the site is here:

I've been adding as I get the free time, and also citing the books I've scanned from in case they ever pop up on ebay for anyone to grab their own copy. Some of the smaller pamphlets (like the drapery one above) I hope to copy in full so that there is a decent amount of how-to scans that are large enough for people to print and save. I just wish the stupid scanner made cleaner images.

Anyway! Partner In Crime is leaving for his annual trip to Milan (for work). The time alone drives me crazy with boredom. Look for a few projects getting done and most likely shared. Also I want to do a blog giveaway and I have a great idea for one (as well as some great Mid Century gifties that would make a great package).  Once he returns, there's a great auction nearby that I'm looking forward to hitting up again... weather permitting.

[[edit: I hope the weather is crappy that day. Maybe it will keep the NYC dealers away!]]


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I'd love for everyone to start sharing their favorite book titles. We plan to buy a glass-front bookcase as a fixture for our store. We'll keep a book collection on hand for our own reference purposes and to let our customers look through if they'd like. Looks like you got some good ones.

stacey said...

I have to learn how to set up widgets for amazon.com and/or ebay for the books I cite from on atomic doxie. I've never been a 'selfish' picker, I will always help anyone find what they are looking for. There are stores I've been to that have scanned pages from vintage fashion magazines & made collages for customers to look at while they shop -- it really helps! :)