14 February 2011

Thrift Share Monday

For the bellyaching I did about being sick, I did venture out last week, just one day. This is what I found:

 1. NuTone Door Bell Frame, in box. 2. A set of Danish Trays. 3. Syracuse Fanfare saucers (3 !!!)

Not bad for a few hours out.  I'm not sure if I will use the door bell frame, I just grabbed it because my Grandparents' home had a similar one, and it reminded me of them. Our door bell is round and connects to a Broan Nu-Tone Chime that has, literally, 12 different chimes to pick from. Everything from Happy Birthday to Hava Negila. Why mess with perfection right?


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Cool finds! And I'd love to have a doorbell like yours. What fun! Is it original to the house? I remember a friend when I was a kid whose house had a huge, fancy intercom system with a great doorbell, so I know they made luxury items like that back then.

stacey said...

It is original to the house, save for a gross white paint job over the original (brown faux wood) box. And yes, absolutely there were intercom systems way back when! Our house has a Nu Tone combination intercom and (stereo) speaker system installed. We were told that when the kids came home from school they would just buzz at the bottom door and Mom would let them in from up in the kitchen. There is also random mystery switches by some of the doors that we think are really old electric security locks of some sort.

Funny to think that this was state-of-the-art at some point... now these kids just text if they need in the house! :)

Rhan Vintage said...

I'm loving the Syracuse Fanfare! And you've inspired a new hunt for me - I need a cool doorbell & frame for our 1950's home.