07 February 2011

Things I Collect Pt. 2

L to R: Vintage NOS Napkins, Franciscan Starburst, Syracuse China
I want to pose the question: is one item considered a collection? I have only found one of these Syracuse China plates in "Fanfare". But I want more. I want to collect them, alas I only have the one right now.  They don't come up on ebay very often (or if they do, it's hard to find - not too many people know the pattern name). There were some sets up last night, but I didn't bid... I'd prefer to hunt them down around here & get them as I find them. The Starburst collection isn't a serious one, they're mostly for show in the breakfront.

Also, does anyone else collect other people's photos? I will rummage through boxes of photos and pick them out based on color tint, subject, clothing, or home design. It's kind of creepy but I like to just look at them and imagine the stories of the day they were taken.

This and the photo underneath are from the same roll.    
clearly this person had A+ taste in furnishings. I like to think this roll of photos is from a new house. Everyone is happy and showing off.

So! If anyone comes across any Syracuse Fanfare, keep me in mind! :)


monogirl said...

Clearly those folks did have A+ taste. Though I find it funny that the walls lack much treatment. Just those tiny little pictures behind the lamp.
I will definitely keep an eye out for the Fanfare.

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I won't make fun of your collection of one plate if you won't make fun of my collection of three glasses. :) It's the beauty that counts, right?

And I love old photos. I have a cousin who produces a line of funny greeting cards using old family photos. She started with our family and branched out to photos she found at garage sales. I'll post about her business one of these days.

Rhan Vintage said...

Fantastic! Look at that room - I want it all! I love the blue gondola sofa and that little table.