20 February 2011

I Should Be In Bed.......!

What has 2 thumbs and won this months' "Love The House You're In" giveaway at RetroRenovation?


I am a relatively new reader of RR, but of course it's a daily go-to read. The last thing I expected was to actually win the collage giveaway on the first try. I was so stoked after getting the email, you'd think I won the lottery!

So tomorrow I will be taking full frontal photos of the house for Melissa to work with and I can't wait to see the collage she makes. Not only is she talented, the materials she uses are so interesting. You all know what a ephemera nerd I am, the idea of getting handmade paper art has me giddy. I've never, ever won anything like this before!

Between this, the recent stash of extra house plans I have, and a watercolor style rendering of this house, I should put a wall aside soon solely for framed tributes to it. I love the idea of having such keepsakes.

Anyone on the east coast will know that we are getting severe wind without any signs of stopping. I was going to put the bullet planters out tomorrow for the photos but I don't want any of them to topple over. What also had me panicking today was the idea that it's winter here, all of my grass is brown, the front landscaping is naked or dead, and it's generally just not-very-pretty out there. I wonder if Melissa can collage us some new landscaping? ☺

Other than this, my week has been dreadfully dull. We paid for the few auction wins from Monday but haven't picked them up yet. Unfortunately we did not win the chairs or any of the furniture that we bid on, but I think I won a pink flecked candy dish on hairpin legs, a dachshund print, some candleholders, and a shelf. We shall see. Oh and clearly I was fussing around with my layout again!

[edit] I was tired last night and kept typing "melanie" instead of "melissa". Rest assured the links were proper!

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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Congrats on the win at Retro Renovation. I know how you feel about taking pictures of your house in the winter. Everything looks so different around here when things are green. However, I've seen some really good photos of great architecture taken when there aren't any trees to obstruct the view, so I bet your shots turn out fine. Share them with us!